How to Positively Manage Your Reputation and Create Good PR for Your Business

18March 2020

Building positive public relations, a good reputation and goodwill within a community is absolutely critical for you and your business. These days, every business needs a little extra boost to survive, and the idea of creating a halo effect can help bring customers into your business. After all, building a positive reputation will make people want to spend their money with your business. To that end, here are three ways to enhance your reputation and build good PR.

Connect With The Public

Building a good reputation means that you have to connect with the public. Make sure you are advertising your services and community involvement in a manner that makes it easy to find. Shield Co Art recommends placing signs in your business that discuss what you do besides selling products or services. Mention your community involvement in your advertising or communications pieces. Whatever you do, make sure you advertise it to the public, and make sure you do something that broadly resonates in public.

Learn From Other Companies and Organizations

Make sure to pay attention to how other corporations and organizations in your community have been able to build a positive reputation. See what they did right, what they did wrong, and what you can learn from their involvement. Additionally, pay attention to things happening at the national level. For example, WB & T points out that the Catholic Church has created a Statute of Limitations regarding the clergy sexual abuse scandal, which gives victims better opportunities for justice and will hold clergy members more accountable for their actions. While your business will almost certainly not have a scandal this terrible, there are things you can learn from their mistakes.

Engage in Good Work

Kabbage recommends that every business should have a charity that they adopt. The charity you select should be something that aligns with your passions, is important to your community and is likely to connect with your customer base. From there, advertise your connection with this charity. Give a percentage of profits based on the sale of certain products or from a particular day. Advertise their services and have a donation box for that charity. Whatever you do, make it visible. This will benefit the charity and create a positive impression about you and your business.

Building a positive reputation isn’t hard, but it does take a lot of conscious effort and dedication from you and your employees. Following the three steps above is a great first step to generating goodwill, PR and a positive brand image.

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