How to Market Yourself Successfully as a New Real Estate Agent

3July 2019

As a new professional in the real estate industry, focusing on building your sales pipeline is your priority. Building your sales pipeline involves several steps. You have to find listings, for example. Then, you have to market those listings. Essentially, you are going to find that success in this industry depends on how well you network and connect with other professionals, business partners as well as buyers and sellers. It is a good idea to start thinking about how you are going to market yourself while you are undergoing the licensing process. Here are three tips to consider.

Design an Engaging Website

Just having your real estate certificate does not necessarily make you a full-fledged real estate agent. You need clients. To gain clients, consider taking advantage of all the internet has to offer. There is a lot you can do without running your marketing budget through the roof before you have truly established yourself. Designing an engaging website is one. A website helps you disseminate information. It doubles as a marketing tool, and while you are sleeping or taking care of administrative duties, it continues to promote you around the clock. Add videos of the properties and a blog for an interactive user experience.

Reach Out with Social Media

Social media as a marketing solution is another great tool you have at your disposal. Set up your accounts. Then, link them on your well-designed website. You can use hashtags to highlight properties and their locations. Plus, you can promote your contact information. On your website’s property listing page, add the share buttons so users can help you in your marketing efforts. Just be sure to set them up correctly because your information must be prominent.


A real estate agent is an entrepreneur, but you do not work alone. One way to be successful is to build business relationships through networking with others who are related to the industry. Appraisers, website developers and those who stage properties are some to get to know. You can meet them at industry events, in your community and at education workshops.

Entering the real estate industry as an agent is an exciting and rewarding venture. You are an entrepreneur, and you have the opportunity to decide your own fate. To be successful, put the necessary time into successfully marketing yourself and your business.

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