How to Keep Your Clients Engaged with Your Business

27January 2021

Your business invests a lot of time, money, and effort into earning the business of new clients. As well it should, since having a constant stream of clients paying for your services is what keeps your business afloat and profitable. That said, you do get a better ROI for your efforts when it comes to your existing clients. To capitalize on the opportunity such clients present to your business, you need to find ways to keep them engaged in your business.

Create a Newsletter

There are bound to be changes and updates made to your business as time goes on. Having a newsletter allows you to share that important information on a regular basis with your clients. It’s an easy way to let them know you’re still around when they need your services. And thanks to the option to automate emails, sending it out has never been easier. You can use a variety of methods to collect email addresses and create a mailing list. Make sure you give your clients a heads up about your newsletter to give it a better chance of avoiding the spam box.

Text Them

Despite what you’ve probably heard at one point in time or another about not using your phone at work, it’s become an incredibly useful tool that you’d be remiss to not use. Sometimes you have information that just can’t wait for the next newsletter to be sent out. Maybe you have a short promotion or killer deal going on that you need to let them know about. Maybe you need a quick, convenient way to send out appointment reminders. Texting response rates are very high, which makes them perfect for important information. Just don’t get annoying with the texts you send out. Let your clients opt in and out of text notifications, and give them a chance to personalize what sort of texts they receive.

Humanize Your Marketing

Everyone’s craving a human touch right about now. Gone are the days when consumers were by and large content to purchase goods and services from faceless businesses. Give your business a human touch by humanizing your marketing. This helps you make your business more relatable. Let your marketing shift focus from your services from time to time and feature your employees, photos and feedback from costumes, and what more there is to your business beyond strictly business operations.

Your business needs to keep your clients engaged in order to continue to earn their ongoing business. Create a newsletter that you send out to your clients on a regular basis. Text them on occasion, but without being annoying about it. Take steps to humanize your marketing. This will help you build and maintain the interest your clients have in your business.

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