Bring in More Customers with These Tricks

11December 2019

One of the most challenging issues for any small business is the attempt to go from obscurity to the conscious attention of potential customers. However, accomplishing this goal is not too difficult if you know what areas to concentrate on. The following discussion offers suggestions on the best ways to begin reaching out to your customers in order to get them into your shop.

Get Active on Social Media

The name of the game for any customer is confidence. If they are confident that your business is caring, honest and worthwhile, they will most likely give you a chance. However, many shoppers make these decisions based solely on social media. Just three months into this year, over 620 million Instagram users messaged a business, visited a website, or were brought to a business through Instagram. This means that if you’re engaged with social media your potential customers are probably already looking at you. Still, it is your job to persuade them to follow your posts, read your content, visit your website or shop, and actually take the final step of making a purchase.

Keep Website Content Up to Date

So, you’ve attracted a fair number of people to your social media account, and now they’re going to your website to shop. What do you think will happen if they get there and discover that the sales are expired, the products being advertised through social media aren’t there, and your other information is out of date? A common mistake made by small businesses is not updating their website consistently. Having an up-to-date website not only allows you to keep customers informed about your current deals but can also lead to email capturing, which will come in handy during your retargeting campaigns.

Plan Events for Your Location

A huge advantage that you have over the bigger, more established companies in your city is that you can host in-store events whenever you want and however you want. In-store events allow the public to come into your shop with no pressure and perhaps receive something for free in the process. Common giveaways that small businesses provide include free workshops and product samples. You could even have a one-day sale for those who attend. In-store events can bring in people who initially might not have had a reason to walk through the door. You then have the opportunity to earn their business.

One of the hardest parts about running your own business is the process of attracting customers that will actually show up. Although this can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. Simply keep in mind the suggestions above and begin implementing some of these tips into your marketing strategy.

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