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Who are we?

At Good Robot Media, we strive to offer effective digital marketing solutions for clients and to create effective online marketing campaigns with a clear outcomes in mind.

Our team has decades of experience in starting, running, and growing successful companies, from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and were pioneers in Internet technology & marketing from its inception.  We know how to grow businesses and, most importantly, how to help you grow your business.

From the gritty details of Internet Search to a global view of corporate management, our team can produce the primary result your business needs – more sales and revenue. Our experience translates into winning & measurable results for your business.

We get how difficult it is to start and maintain a business. So allow our team of  experts assist you in navigating the knotty ways of business online marketing.


Michael LaFrance
Partner, Good Robot Media & Consulting

Notable Experience

Vermillion Ventures

Vermillion Ventures was a full service consulting company that worked with a wide range of companies providing significant growth & funding solutions.

Founder / CEO 
NewSouth Communications
NewSouth Communications was a competitive local telecom company based in Greenville, SC with 55 offices in 9 states.  NewSouth merged with NuVox and the combined entity was acquired by WindStream (NASDAQ: WIN) for $643 million in 2009.

ACC National Telecom
ACC Global Corp

ACC Corp was a New York based global telecom provider with offices worldwide that was acquired by AT&T (NYSE: T) for $1.2 billion in stock & cash.


• Pioneer in Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions
• Developing High-Growth Companies
• Brand and Identity Management
• Operational Excellence
• Business & Corporate Development
• Knowledge Management
• Corporate Communications
• Information & Systems Technology
• Market Strategy
• Product Development
• Product Management
• Sales Management

John Smiley
Partner, Good Robot Media & Consulting

Notable Experience

Local PPC Solutions
Seattle, WA

Local PPC was a online advertising company utilizing a relationship business model, driven by the results of its clients through the employment of superior processes.

Seattle, WA

LXi|Solutions is a Creative Engagement Agency focused on assisting its clients in the world of Social Media Marketing and Public Relations. With over 25 years of experience as marketing professionals in the hospitality industry.


  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Google Partner
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Lead Generation Strategy Development
  • Brand and Identity Management
  • PPC Marketing
  • SEO Planning and Implementation
  • Hospitality Management 


  • Distinguished Toastmaster, Toastmasters Intl
  • Commissioner of Parks, Kirkland, WA
  • Member, Google Engage

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